How do I create a prepaid event?

Events with prepaid tickets

Doorkeeper uses  PayPal and Stripe to collect prepayments for your event. To use PayPal or Stripe (or you can use both), you will need your accounts to receive money transferred directly to the accounts (after PayPal/Stripe and Doorkeeper transaction fees deducted).


Participants can prepay only by entering their credit card informtaion. As there is no account required for participants, it is easy and speedy way of prepaying online. It is also easy and quick to connect your Stripe account to your Doorkeeper community.
To use Stripe, see our article on  collecting prepayments for your event with Stripe.


When your participants already have a PayPal account, this is the easiest way for them to pay. If they don't have an account yet, participants are required to create one. If you're an organiser in Japan, you'll need to go through an identify verification process that involves sending you a postcard with a special code on it, so it will take several days before you can start collecting payments.   
To use PayPal, see our article on  collecting payments for your event with PayPal.

What if the participants don't have credit cards?

Participants without credit cards can purchase a prepaid credit card. Check the details on  Can I use a prepaid credit card to prepay my participation fee?

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