Can I use a prepaid credit card to prepay my participation fee?

If you don't have a credit card, but want to join in prepaid events, you can use a prepaid credit card. You can also create a PayPal account with your prepaid credit card.

What is a prepaid credit card?

If you live in Japan, some of them are available to purchase at convenience stores. Doorkeeper accepts any Visa, MasterCard, or American Express prepaid credit card. Here's some examples of prepaid credit cards:


SMBC VISA Prepaid (Only available in Japanese language)

MasterCard Prepaid card (Only available in Japanese language)

WebMoney Card (Only available in Japanese language)

How to prepay with your prepaid credit card

Once you've purchased a prepaid credit card, completing prepayment is very speedy. Just continue to payment after registering for the event. Then click "Pay with credit card" and enter your prepaid credit card information.

How to create a PayPal account with your prepaid credit card

Sign up for PayPal and use your prepaid credit card information to create an account. 

Please understand that PayPal does not officially recommend using prepaid credit cards, and the payments through your PayPal account with a prepaid credit card might not necessarily be guaranteed. 

To check the cards you can use for your PayPal account, please directly contact PayPal.

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