Creating your first Doorkeeper event

  1. Create New Event
  2. Publish Event
  3. Registration
  4. Check-in

1. Create New Event

After logging into Doorkeeper, choose the community for which who want to create the new event and click "New Event". Follow the dialog to create your new event.

2. Publish Event

After you created the event, you can review it. Newly created events are not automatically listed on your public pages.

Once all is in place, publish the event. At that point you can also choose to announce your event to all your members.

3. Registration

The event is now open for registration and your attendees can sign up for the event. You can use Doorkeeper's widget, HTML code or QR code to promote your event on your own pages, social media platforms or flayers.

You can close the registration for the event sometime before the event to stop any new registrations.

Paid events

Doorkeeper supports you with running paid events. You can enter both, a "Door admission fee" and a "Prepaid admission fee".

If you only enter a "Door admission fee", participants will be informed that they are expected to pay you at the door.

If you only enter a "Prepaid admission fee", participants will be prompted to pay you in advance (using Stripe) after completing the registration. Doorkeeper will send a reminder email after 15 minutes, and cancel the registration after another 30 minutes if no payment was made. Attendees always have the option to re-register later again, as long as tickets are available.

If you enter both, a "Door admission fee" and a "Prepaid admission fee", participants will be able to choose.

Wait list

If your event attracts more registrations than available seats, any new registrations will be put on a wait list. In case a participant decides to cancel, Doorkeeper will inform the next person on the waiting list via email that a seat became available.

If you are running an event which requires prepayment, people from the waiting list will have one and a half days to pay before their registration will be canceled.


Attendees have the option to cancel their registration anytime before the event, given they haven't prepaid.

If you are running a prepaid event, you have the option to refund participants who wish to cancel.

4. Check-in

At the reception of your event, you can check-in attendees by  scanning tickets or using the Check-in Screen from the event dashboard. This check-in will validate the ticket (in case you are running prepaid events) and record who actually attended your event.

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