Registration flow for prepaid only events

With prepaid only events, we want to give everyone interested in your event a fair chance to pay, while making sure people who won't pay don't hold up space in your event.

Participant provisionally registers for event

The participant will visit your event page, enter their registration information such as their name, email, and any other custom information you've added to your event.

Once they do this, they receive a provisional registration for your event.

Participant completes payment within the alotted time

Normally, immediately after entering their registration information, the participant will complete the checkout for the event via Stripe. Once completing payment, the participant receives a ticket for your event and the registration is completed.

A participant has 24 hours to complete prepayment from the time they complete entering their registration information. This allows them the opportunity to complete payment later if they don't have their credit card on hand for instance. Ten minutes after entering registration information, if the participant still hasn't paid, we send them a reminder email.

Participant does not pay

If a participant does not pay within 24 hours, we withdraw the provisional registration so that others can join your event. If the participant decides to join the event after this period, they can reregister with a single click, and the process starts again.

If your event is already full when the attendee reregisters, they will join the waitlist instead of being able to immediately purchase tickets.

Joining the event from the waitlist

When a spot opens up on the waitlist, we send the participant an email notifying them of this, and prompting them to pay. From the time this email is sent out, the participant has 36 hours to pay, after which their provisional registration is withdrawn and the next person on the waitlist is given a chance to join the event.