Setting up PayPal API permissions

As of October 2nd, 2018, we're ending PayPal support, and new communities won't be able to connect it. See our announcement for details.

As soon as you connect your Doorkeeper account to PayPal, you can start collecting prepaid admission fees through Doorkeeper. However, to fully manage all PayPal payments from Doorkeeper, a bit of extra setup is needed. Please complete the following to fully integrate your Doorkeeper community with PayPal.

  1. Log in to PayPal using your community's PayPal account
  2. Navigate to the "Manage Third Party Access" page by following this link while logged in.
  3. Click the "Add New Third Party" button
  4. Enter "" into the "Third Party Permission Username" and press Lookup
  5. Check "Issue a refund for a specific transaction" and "Obtain information about a single transaction", then click "Save".

Integration between your Doorkeeper account and PayPal is now complete.

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