How does Doorkeeper promote my event?

Once your community has been approved for promotion, we'll automatically promote any event you publish in your community.

Personalised recommendations

We create individualised recommendations for Doorkeeper users based on the previous events they've attended and the interests they've added to their profile. Users can view the recommendations from their home page and as part of a newsletter we send out to Doorkeeper users on a weekly basis.

Doorkeeper's event listings

Promoted events will show up on Doorkeeper's top page, our list of upcoming events, and in categorised listings such as startup events or software development events based on the tags you set for your community.

Publication to event listing sites

Events hosted on Doorkeeper are automatically added to multiple event listing sites.

Sharing through social networks

Doorkeeper encourages participants to share that they are attending an event via social networks. Twitter bots also automatically share published Doorkeeper events.