Creating Promotional Codes for your Event

Promotional codes are a way tracking your marketing efforts or encouraging a specific customer group to register for your event.

1. From your event "Settings", click on Promotional Codes

If you have any existing codes, you'll see them here. Otherwise you'll be taken to the New Promotional Code page.

2. Fill out the details for the new code


This is the code that you provide to attendees so that they can get the discount. You're only allowed to use letters and numbers here. It isn't case sensitive, so you don't need to worry about participants getting the capitalization right.

Discount type

Setting this to free allows you to let people select people attend your paid event for free. Setting it to percentage based lets you specify a percentage amount you want deducted from the event fee. For instance, if you had a ¥3,000 event and set it to 50%, the participant would only need to pay ¥1,500 to attend your event.


You can optionally limit the number of times a discount code works. After a code has been used the number of times you specify, participants will no longer be allowed to apply it.

3. Save your code and share it

Once you're done filling in the details, save it and share the code with your audience so they can claim their promotional code.