Community Guidelines

In person communities provide great opportunities for people to make connections and learn new skills. Doorkeeper exists to help these communities flourish. So that everyone has a good experience, we have some basic guidelines for communities to follow.

Participants grow through events

By attending events your community organizes, members should improve themselves. This could be by picking up a new skill or making new connections. Doorkeeper should not be used for events where participants are passive, such as concerts, or for personal parties, like wedding receptions or birthday parties.

Meet locally

Real world, in person events provide a level of serendipity that just doesn't happen online. Doorkeeper communities should not be used to only organize events that happen online, such as webinars.

Be accurate and transparently

It's important that people are able to understand the purpose of your community, and that the description of your community and events aren't misleading. If a community is reported to not be accurately describing its activities, it may be removed at our discretion.